OIO - Knights Hospitaller Templar - Occult Mystery School.

Ordo Infinitus Orbis was established in March 2009.

Ordo Infinitus Orbis is an elitist selective eusociality. The knowledge behind the Order is not found anywhere beyond its Inner Sanctum & Temples. This knowledge can not be gained from books. Its mysteries are only unveiled to the worthy and its gates only open for the ones who are devoted, loyal and spiritual beings. No other shall ever discover its mysteries.

We are not a joining group or social club. We are dedicated to the Great Work and secret teachings passed down through the generations of our magickal Serpent Bloodline, our ancestors. Membership is through invitation only.

As a closed group we practise rituals and magickal arts away from the prying eyes of the profane. However we do have an open section to the forum that all can apply to join and on occasion we perform open rituals.


We work in the shadows , hidden from the profane who shall never know our secrets.

333 TRIWENS 333