OIO - Knights Hospitaller Templar - Occult Mystery School.

Amethyst - OIO-SnlKHT. (Seneschal) - Order of The Flaming Sword. - Baron/Baroness.
Amethyst contains many levels within it. On being initiated into Amethyst you become a Priest/ess.

Grand Seneschal - Order of Sophia = OIO-GSKHT. - Count/Countess.

On becoming a Grand Seneschal Count/Countess you become a High Priest/ess.

Commander - Order of Divine Wisdom = OIO-CdrKHT. - Marquis/Marchioness.

Grand Commander - Order of The Divine Light = OIO-GCdrKHT. - Duke/Duchess.

Fisher Prince/Princess - Order of The Violet Flame = OIO-FPKHT. - Your Highness.

Fisher King/Queen - Order of Illuminati = OIO FKKHT. or OIO-FQKHT. - Your Royal Highness.

Grand Prior/Grand Prioress = OIO-KHTGP. - Your Divine Royal Highness.

Family and Spiritual Lineage Holder for the entire Order.

The Order is headed up by the Fisher Queen & King.

Those who form their own chapter will become a
Fisher King or Queen of their chapter.

And the whole of OIO Knights Hospitaller in all regions is headed up by
Grand Prior or Grand Prioress. Who will guard the lineages
for future Grand Prior & Grand Prioress.