OIO - Knights Hospitaller Templar - Occult Mystery School.

If you are invited to take a probationary period, this will last a year, before you can be initiated fully into to the true spirit of the Order and become an Azurite and a full member.

The Levels

Celestite - OIO-SqHT. (Squire Hospitaller Templar) or OIO-LHT. (Lady Hospitaller Templar) - Squire/Lady.

Celestite is a probationary period. You will be given a study list, basic empowering rituals to perform and some tasks. At the end you will take an exam, if you pass the exam and show full understanding you will move on to the next level and initiation, only if we feel you are suitable for the Order.

Azurite - OIO-KHT. (Knight Hospitaller Templar) or OIO-LKHT.

(Lady Knight Hospitaller Templar) - Sir Knight/Lady Knight.
Become member of - Order of The Divine Chalice

Azurite starts with neophyte level of training, which takes the Aspirant through many levels of attainment - Zelator, Practicus, Philosophus, Dominus Liminis, Adeptus Minor, Adeptus Major, Adeptus Exemptus, Into the Abyss and out the other side to Magister Templi, at which time they are ready to become a Deacon and be Ordained as such. When the Adept has attained Magus level they will be Ordained a Priest/ess and moved up to Amethyst.